The Best Gift Ideas for Kids at Their First Birthday

The first birthdays are always special for the kids as well as their whole family. This is the time when the children become pretty aware of their surroundings and can understand the celebration and happiness around them. But they do not grasp the things happening around them completely. Purchasing a gift for a 1-year-old can be difficult as it has to be something which they can comprehend. Here is a list of gift items that you can give to kids on their first birthday.


There are several play mats available which offers different features to help your child to learn the things as they see, touch, or play with them. Choose the playmats which are soft, safe, and have different compartments to keep playing and educational things separately to reach out to the interests of your child.

Soft Toys

You can choose some soft toys to gift the kid. They will always love the soft toys and will cherish them for years to come. Soft toys always have a different appeal to the kids, and they learn a lot of things if the toys resemble animals. They can learn about a horse and develop an interest in owning a real horse someday.


You can buy some interesting, colourful teethers for the kid which they can use during the times they develop a sore inside their mouth. Teethers should not be too harsh or pokey and also not too soft to get broken as it contains the danger of being swallowed by the kid.


You can even purchase a rattler to create some interesting sounds for the kids, which will keep them calm. Rattlers work to catch kid’s attention due to the sound it makes and will also make them more aware of the sounds around them.

Night light

You can buy night stickers and lights that the parents can place in their child’s room. The night lights will create a starry night for the kid to be amazed if they wake up at night. Do not buy too bright LEDs as it can affect the kid’s vision. You can choose some calming lights which need minimum attention. Do not shoot the lights directly at the child. Project them on the ceiling so that the kid can enjoy them until he or she falls asleep.

A Tent

You can purchase kids tent which can store plastic balls and their toys inside it. It will create a new adventure for the kid and keep them interested in playing inside the tent rather getting more stressed. Choose the tent carefully as it should not contain any pokey wires to keep the child safe while he or she plays.

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